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A photographer, wellness aficionado, and animal lover, Jennifer Diaz currently resides in Nashville, TN with her husband, Eric, and fur-child, Luna.

My passion for photography was born from an intense desire to live a high quality life rich in joy, creativity, and fulfillment. To me, that means exploring new places, enjoying good quality food and coffee, making my environment as inviting and beautiful as possible, and capturing meaningful imagery of all of it along the way.

I strongly believe in quality over quantity, booking the flight, buying the flowers, choosing organic and flawed over processed and perfect, and that taking the scenic route is always worth it.

I hope that while you’re here, you’ll feel encouraged to pursue your best life in an intentional and high quality way, however that looks for you!

And if you’re a business or brand that offers quality products, food, or services and you need help bringing your vision to life through imagery, contact me here and let’s collaborate!