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I first picked up a camera out of curiosity and a strong desire for a creative outlet. Growing up, my mom always taking photos, so it seemed like a natural choice to express my creativity through photography. blah blah blah As moms do, she gave me her camera so I could begin learning and the rest was history. It didn't take long for this hobby of mine to become a. While important life milestones and grand celebrations are certainly worth documenting, I believe our every day, seemingly ordinary lives are also worth remembering.

I first picked up a DSLR the summer after I got married. I was experiencing a season of burnt out in my career and desperately craving a creative outlet. I wanted to learn something new and to create something beautiful. I made a list of potential hobbies I was interested in, and photography seemed to jump out on the page. I'd been drawn to photography since I was in high school, and I remember my mom always taking photos of her flowers and animals. So naturally, I asked to borrow her camera, and with a few treats, I easily persuaded my Golden Retriever, Luna, to allow me to begin honing my photo skills.

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